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Christopher Lavenair is one of those rare artists who, throughout his work, grabs the source and secret intimate nature and the world around them through various mediums. Whether painting or photography, he managed to implement obviously inspired another reality. Many years exploring the field of photography, it performs a series of artistic photos, especially in the aquatic environment where the opacity changes clearly marine perception and dimension. Research carried out at the other end of the lens, the light wants to question Mother Nature a constantly renewed.

Immersed in water, the art photographer draws the essence of the glory of life and its glittering interior. It starts, as he likes to say, the «underside» to be there in the immediacy, the underwater wonders that contains in its Snapshots between the radiant sparkle, revealing shadow and wave forces.

Through his photographs, Christopher Lavenair wants to capture the intensity of the light rays emanating from across the translucent surface layer, sublimating their variations, mutations in their eyes. And immortalized, light reveals an unsuspected world and reveals the intensity of the element. Bubbles, waves, underwater explosions, vibrations currents, eddies are free gesture of a nature that the artist is trying to absorb and return to deliver their messages to the viewer. Appropriating a light that takes shape in the most striking forms of water, is the witness Christopher Lavenair bold elusive space that questions our senses.
Rodolphe Cosimi, critique d'art, AICA France

Immergé dans l’eau, ce photographe d’art puise l’essence même de l’éclat de la vie et de son miroitement intérieur. Il part, comme il aime à le dire, à la «sous-face» pour y révéler dans l’instantanéité, les merveilles sous-marines qui le contient lors de ses prises de clichés, entre l’étincellement rayonnant, l’ombre révélatrice et les forces ondulatoires.
Rodolphe Cosimi, critique d'art, AICA France

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Exposition au Grand Palais Ephémère du 15 au 19 février 2023

Mercredi 08 Février 2023

Je présente deux photos aquatiques dans le salon Comparaisons .Nous sommes 17 photographes .Le stand est organisé par François Fasnibay .Au plaisir de vous y voir